DK Supplement House is also known as D.K Food Supplement
A shop with top brands that all works.

Contact for personal Training to the Certified Fitness Trainer : Satpal Tanwar Mb. 9813021682

Dk Supplement House Deal in International Brands:
Muscletech, Universal, MVP, Weider, GAS Peri, Ultimate, Prolab, BSN, Cytosport, MRI, Dorian, Yates, ON, MP(Muscle Pharma) etc.
Indian Brands:
Venky, British Nutrition, Tara, Nutraman, Paradise, Big Muscle etc.

Get Genuine food supplement from top branded companies and
Discussed or guided by Certified Fitness Trainer Satpal Tanwar

D.K Food Supplement House

D.K. Supplement House
Kithwari Chowk
Beside ICE Factory, Palwal- 121102
Mobile: 9813021682