Bikaner Misthan Bhandar Palwal
Bikaner misthan Bhandar Palwal is a most popular shop in palwal. this shop is locate  near bus stand chok palwal, there are some of  the most popular place are also near beekaner misthan bhandar, like mittul nursing home, goyal nursing home and tulsi medical sotre.
There are Three shop of Bikarer misthan bhandar.
One is located near bus stand chok palwal which one of the oldest shop of bikaner,
second is located near rahul nursing home, which is the second oldest shop of beekaner in palwal.
third and last is which is located near kithwadi chok palwal. 
All these shop are known for their products and these have some specility in their products.
These shops provide pyaj kachodi, mithi kachodi, rasgulle, gulab jamun, golgppe, ras mlaiye, bargar, tikki, lddu etc. and many more.
1- Near Bus Stand Chock Palwal,
2- Near Kithwadi Chok, Palwal
3- Near Rahual Nursing Home , Palwal